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Security Is A Puzzle

Peacemaker PI: a Security Consulting, Private Detective Agency and Security Training Company

Peacemaker PI

Solving the Security Puzzle for Our Clients

Since 1997, Peacemaker PI has provided high integrity investigations and security risk assessments for individual clients, attorneys, and local corporations.

As a licensed Michigan private investigative firm, we are legally bound to maintain the same client confidentiality as Michigan attorneys. Your concerns will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Solving the Security Puzzle for Our Clients

About Peacemaker PI

Peacemaker PI is rooted in Christian faith-based principles, and we believe that all individuals are worthy of respect and dignity whether they follow a faith tradition, or none at all. We are committed to handling all cases and clients with courtesy, diligence, and the professional attention to detail that they deserve.

Hiring a private investigator can lead you to solutions! Give us a call, and Peacemaker PI will take just a few minutes to find out about your needs so that a comprehensive approach to a solution can be recommended to you.

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